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Hello, welcome to David Bruce Trikes webpage. This site showcases our hand crafted Front Wheel Drive Recumbent Tricycle! The FWD trike design features a compact driveline with a center frame mounted internal differential and dual independent front suspension damping system. Modular construction allows for quick separation of the front and rear frames for easy transportation in smaller vehicles. The modular design also allows future upgrades and modifications to enhance the enjoyment of your FWD tricycle!

We have linked pages detailing the history of DB Trikes from the early days inspired by the IHPVA to the recent trials and tribulations of building a custom FWD recumbent tricycle! Our "race trike" shown below:

Above picture taken during the Clean Air Ride hosted on the Withlacoochee State Trail in Inverness, Fl.

June 2014 Cocoa River Ride! That's me! (David Bruce) Photo and effects by Bob Emmerich.

Above picture shows me on the DBT4 Sport blue prototype leading the recumbent group during the Riverside ride in Cocoa, Florida! Below picture is our latest FWD trike build, the "race trike" which is a experimental build to answer some engineering questions relating to aero drag and FWD power requirements and some changes to the u-joint and bearing placement. 

Yellow and Black paint scheme!

We were invited to submit a HPV article for the Human Power News about our FWD builds a while back and the newsletter is out! We are in the November 2014 edition and it's cool that we have come full circle. I used to be a member of the IHPVA and loved getting the newsletters in the mail years ago! Please visit the top page links for more information on the FWD tricycle concept, early HPV prototypes, our fun ride and build videos plus detailed images of the FWD recumbent Tricycle!

Sad news with the recent passing of Stuart Scott. I was interviewed by him in the early 1990's when he worked at WESH TV 2 in Orlando. I was riding my early recumbent trike around town and was asked to explain what I was riding! Every time I saw him on TV it made me smile! We'll miss him.

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