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Hello, welcome to DB Trikes webpage. This site showcases our hand crafted Front Wheel Drive Recumbent Tricycle! The FWD design features a compact driveline with a center frame mounted internal differential and dual independent front suspension damping system. A modular construction design allows for quick separation of the front and rear frames for easy transportation in smaller vehicles. The modular design also allows future upgrades and modifications to enhance the enjoyment of your FWD tricycle!

We have divided the site detailing the trials and tribulations of building a custom FWD recumbent tricycle from our early days to the most recent rides! Be sure to read up on our recent "race trike" build with detailed pictures and specifications on the dbt4 race link above.

Garage Sale! Click the link to see what I have of bike/recumbent related items for sale.

June 2014 Cocoa River Ride! That's me! (David Bruce) Photo and effects by Bob Emmerich.

May 2014 Blue Trike Prototype with Direct Steer Modification.

We created a more conventional rear frame design and it's currently mounted on the Blue prototype pictured above. Meanwhile I've been working on a custom "race trike" one off build to test a few things and was able to do a short test ride Saturday October 04 2014:

You can follow all progress on the new DBT4's under construction with the "DBT4" link above. November's 2014's update is up with new pictures from our adventures with building the race trike. The "race trike" is a test bed to answer some engineering questions relating to aero drag and power requirements and some design changes to the driveline. We just got it back together! Check it out: DBT 4 Race Trike Build

Visit the page links for more information on the FWD concept, prototypes and see what's coming next!

Please visit the BROL or Bentrider forum to see whats happening in the recumbent world!


Contact DBtrikes via: Email: dbtrikes@yahoo.com

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